Heart Collage | Flickr. Love, love, love this. The pictures are Just need to figure out a way to put them up on the wall. Maybe mount them on poster board so they stay flat? Double-sided tape is not a route I really want to go. Suggestions anyone?

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2014 was one of my personal best years yet! Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially. I'm "in the zone"... Looking forward to serving others more in the next year. I feel as though there's nothing I can't do. BRING IT!

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Life is what you make it and I like my life full of variety. Within these pages you will find a combination of erotica, fashion and photography that capture my creative vision. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my world. This is NSFW and viewers must be

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Some of these images are my own, the others display a beauty that I want to share and I have credited the artist where I could. If I have posted your photo without proper credits, please contact me.

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check out my other blogs: None of these pictures are mine unless stated otherwise, I mostly just reblog. If some of this material is copyrighted by you, let me know and i'll put it out.

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Family Christmas Ideas Christmas time used to mean something a little different than it does now. As a kid growing up thru the it seemed to be a standard thing that at Xmas time, that the family would get together and spend Xm

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No need to press this button...it's already here! Happy Weekend! Get out and be adventurous! Enjoy life and all that surrounds you!

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Spring is a happiness so beautiful, so unique, so unexpected, that I don’t know what to do with my heart. I dare not take it, I dare not leave it – what do you advise? • Emily Dickinson, from a letter to Louise and Frances Norcross, late April 1873

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