Black History In The Bible

The deeper we dig, the blacker the people in the Bible become.
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Does the Bible tell us what happened to the “the lost tribes of Israel” or have they been lost to the pages of history forever? One of the biggest debates in Christianity is whether the…

Hiding Israel: How The Hebrews Disappeared From History – Part 1

Jewish worshippers gather at a makeshift synagogue established by the Jewish Agency for Israel for Ethiopian Jews in Gondar, Ethiopia, in

Black Hebrews Making Bricks In Egypt

Israelites slaves making bricks in Egypt. Icons and Photos « The Real Israelites - golden scarab = stercorary beetle = slave = negro for toil = jew at hard work = Assyrian labor = booty of war = increase of power = wealth = supremacy = empire of Pharaoh

Hebrew Slavery In America - Land Overshadowing With Wings

Hebrew Slavery In America - Land Overshadowing With Wings

Why did the Kingdom of Judah suddenly disappear from all maps in the mid to late 1700s? Not only did the Kingdom of Judah appear on maps prior to the mid 1700s, but they appeared on multiple maps m…

Hiding Israel: How The Hebrews Disappeared From History – Part 1

So… you think the Bible is “the white man’s religion”, well… you’ve been lied to. It’s a blatantly false statement that has been embraced by uninformed peo…

The synagogue paintings, the earliest continuous surviving biblical narrative cycle, are conserved at Damascus Syria.

The Bible is clear that the Hebrews would become slaves in America. It even gives us the timeline, the people that  do it, where they would be taken, and their means of transportation. When I was f…

Hebrew Slaves In America: Biblical Evidence In The Old Testament (updated

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The truth shall set you free.

Meeting of our Lord in the Temple, Medieval depiction of Mary with Baby Jesus.

There is no bigger threat to white supremacy than the notion that Jesus of Nazareth was a black man. White supremacy can’t exist in a world where the savior of all mankind is the same hue as …

World War 3 is coming according to Ukraine’s first president, Leonid Kravchuk. He believes Russia could usher in the end of the world as we know it if Vladimir Putin doesn’t back down.

In Part 1 we looked at the fact that Esau is described as reddish-brown (ruddy) and hairy. We also looked at the fact that he took wives from the line of Ishmael, which were a mix of Hebrew and Egy…

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As we get deeper into this study on the Gentiles, it wouldn’t be complete without a word study on the words “Gentile” and “Heathen” (coming soon). Much of what we beli…

A personal essay on taking off the mask and studying the mind through mindfulness practice.

“…A few authorities hold that in the reign of Isis the surplus population of Egypt was evacuated to neighboring lands under the leadership of Hierosolymus and Judas. Many assure us that the Jews ar…

Roman Historian Tacitus Mentions Jesus: Our Best Secular Source