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In honor of my grandfather and others of the Greatest Generation

The FB page in honor of my grandfather and the search for his stolen Annapolis Ring. Book and doc film, The Last Ring Home, coming out in November 2016.
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Robert Prince, a captain in the US Army's elite 6th Ranger Battalion, was selected to plan and carry out the rescue at the Cabanatuan POW camp in the Philippines (The Great Raid) where 522 pows were liberated. Prince went on to earn the rank of Major and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

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pinner writes: When troops liberated the concentration camps they were unprepared for what they encountered. Here a U.S. soldier holds a victim of Nazi terror sobbing in relief of his liberation.

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A very unlikely hero: Flying Officer John Custance Baker DFC & Bar, 3 May 1921 to 10 May 1945 (Picture: Mosquito D for Dorothy Briggs and Baker)

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The Battle of the Bulge: A turning point in World War II

GIs pose with a 105-mm howitzer of the 33rd Field Artillery during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944.

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Saipan, 1944. Men of co. A 105th infantry regiment found a Japanese baby in a cave filled with dead civilians who committed suicide. New Dramatic Photos Thread (READ 1st POST) - Page 6

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Then And Now: Remembering D-Day And What The Normandy Coastline Looks Like 70 Years Later

WWII - The D-Day Landings, U.S. Army troops make a battle plan in a farmyard amid cattle, which were killed by artillery bursts, near the D-Day landing zone of Utah Beach in Les Dunes de Varreville, France, on June (REUTERS/US National Archives)