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Frome Hoard - Roman coins, valued at five million dollars, and weighing more than 350 pounds! Found near Frome in Somerset. Coins dated from CE 253 to 305

Currency Koi

Money Origami Koi Instructions VIDEO PART 1 . Great news guys, the money origami koi videos are now ready, and here is the first one!

Currency Crayons

Seattle artist Diem Chau carved delicate sculptures of animals and people on colored crayons. "After art school I was doing research i.

Raw Silver.

Silver is a metal but I decided to write about it because just like gemstones Silver has magical properties and not to mention it is my favorite metal to wear. This metal is actually used more often with pagan jewelry as well as with the combination.

Shelling Out -- The Origins of Money

Detail of necklace from a burial at Sungir, Russia, BP. Interlocking and interchangeable beads. Each mammoth ivory bead may have required one to two hours of labour to manufacture/Shelling Out: The Origins of Money

Currency Origami.

One Dollar Bear by

Currency Caps.

“Currency Caps” origami artworks (presidents, dictators, and monarchs stylish hats made from their country’s own currency) by Hasegawa Yosuke.