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"Perfectly Prepared" - Commercial Finalist (Art Center College of Design) my girl Hanna and I worked on this with a few of the best upcoming people in the industry. please visit the link and thumbs up guys!!! thanks!

My friend is participating in the Avion Tequila contest. If you can give some love to this beautiful commercial, you're awesome :) "Perfectly Prepared" - Commercial Finalist (Art Center College of Design)

Quick Workshop Organization tips

Quick Workshop Organization tips How to transform a Garage into nice working place. Tool place on the wall. Storage places from scrap plastics Storage of equipments that are not used for the moment.

brighton woodshop3 Winning Workshops: The Brighton Woodshop

We guarantee this Winning Workshop would make Norm Abram jealous! From John Lewis' old-time woodshop in Brighton, CO, he teaches hand-made chair making and

Woodworker James Oliver has built a massive workbench with French lines (tree trunk legs), English-style workholding (a twin-screw face vise) and some modern practicality (a quick-release vise in the end-vise position).