Valerie Jar: National Park Stamp Icons

boston green logo inspiration // Valerie Jar: National Park Stamp Icons, for the National Parks by National Geographic app, an inter­ac­tive guide to the U.‘s national parks. You collect the stamp when you visit kinda cool in a geeky tourist way.


Milk, Man

Milk, Man by Ben Stevens The idea was to create a milk package that would appeal to the modern consumer by using a smaller sized and more portable bottle. The final product is a no-fuss, cheeky take on good ol’ fashioned milk.

40 Free Flat Animal Icons

Get this awesome 40 animal icons for free and Upgrade your web and mobile designs


It's not a party until you serve up the drinks.PL celebrated their year anniversary and launching of REVCLOUD.PRACOWNIA studio with this specially made/designed beverage. More after the jump!

really cool

Student Spotlight: Frugo

FRUGO’s bottle is designed so that the top spherical portion fills to one serving size when the bottom portion is squeezed." Designed by Emily Brownson

carton/bottle top?

Student Spotlight: Ipswich Brewing Co.

Student Spotlight: Ipswich Brewing Co. - The Dieline: The World's Package Design Website -


Concept Packaging: La Croix