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9 Answers To The 2nd Worst Thanksgiving Question


A jealous bitch will make up anything or try hard to create drama in your life, but as always, it usually gets her nowhere and always makes her look like a dumb-ass.

When you are the target, you are doing something right. Sad that so many are envious of others but that is the world we live in and God never promised it would be easy. I would rather be me!

is it a game to get with everyone she was once with? good luck with that bc i don't do skank hoes like you ;)

Funny Quotes about Haters and Jealousy

jealousy quotes and sayings | Funny Quotes about Haters and Jealousy Laura McKittrick, Greenwich Girl #GG #GreenwichGirl

Some people.... Pretty impressive the amount of effort some folks put into other people's lives. Guess that just makes us something worth talking about :)