til death do us part. los muertos tattoo. [by nick whybrow]

calaveras couple in heart Gunstone Gunstone Henson Romero Giles Giles Romero . A cute idea for a couple tattoo. Thought of you guys.

Love! Smaller though. Maybe an L & C hidden somewhere on each

Elephant Tattoo are very popular and people love to have Elephant as a tattoo on the body. Check these beautiful Elephant Tattoos design ideas.

mehndi influenced elephant #tattoos thought of Randi

Mehndi Influenced Elephant Thought Of Randi-- Add some colors and this would definitely be one of my elephant tattoo choices

Red string of fate tattoo - (it should be HER pinky and HIS thumb) "According to Chinese legend, two people who are destined to be together are attached by an invisible red string bound from a male's thumb to a female's pinky finger. An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break."

Red String Of Fate Tattoo – It Should Be Her Pinky And His Thumb “according To Chinese Legend, Two People Who Are Destined To Be Together Are Attached By An Invisible Red String Bound From A Male’s Thumb To A Female’s Pinky Finger. An Invisible Red Thread

Heart tattoo

Heart tattoo


Henna Epaulets, great inspiration for a tattoo on the shoulder. If I were to ever get a tattoo-this would be so beautiful!


Skull drawings by René Campbell interesting. I like the swirl designs .but the skull is still creepy

Moon & Tree tattoo - need to convert for a silhouette

This is an awesome tattoo! Black and grey girl on a swing with full moon and tree silhouette tattoo idea. Gorgeous and feminine, yet dark.

I love how bright these colors are without the traditional black outline.

Beautiful Gerber daisies by the Russian tattoo artist Turyanskiy. Don't personally like the daisies, but love the no black outline.

Whoa !

Skull Tattoo / Skull Tattoo design Ideas / Skull Tattoos Skull tattoos or skull tattoo designs are a craved tattoo design idea of many.


this could represent my whole famile, the warrior owl for the soldiers in my family and the key for my dads tattoo to me

Family tree tattoo LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Family tree tattoo LOVE LOVE LOVE this! ideas for my family tree tattoo