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Palermo, Italia  ·  MIRA COMUNICAZIONE: Web, Social Media, Marketing and Commmunication - info@miracomunicazione.it
Mira Comunicazione
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IKEA - Halloween

IKEA Halloween Speaking of Halloween…IKEA Singapore is paying homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, “The Shining”, (remember this scene from the movie?

Nestlè Fitness - Bra Cam. The Pink Ribbon initiative to remind women around the world to check their breasts regularly to help prevent breast cancer.

Nestlé FITNESS Bra Cam catches people checking out breasts to remind you to check yours for breast cancer.

Q2 2014 Consumer sharing trends report. Users share and consume different content depending on the #socialnetwork they're on.

ShareThis has released results from its 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report, looking at sharing behavior across social channels on .

Cookies. #Typography project based on Abelina typefacen initially designed by Yanina Araben. Six & Five Studio.

This is our imagery world for Abelina Font.Abelina is a typeface that can be used in display sizes for titles where part of the central premise is to emulate certain features of gestural handwriting. Abelina designed initially by Yanina Arabena (Cal&