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An American war worker at Lockheed’s Burbank P-38 facility

An American war worker at Lockheed’s Burbank facility. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in the United States’ national war production—from aircraft, to tanks, to ammunition—found itself as high is

Fascinating post about WWII brothels in Hawaii: "Jean O’Hara, spearheaded a strike which lasted three weeks in July 1942, demanding the basic human rights of American citizens. The prostitutes pointed out that their work was vital to the war effort, and they had already collectively purchased 132,000 dollars in war bonds..."

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Homemade weapons

Homemade weapons - constantly proving that "gun control" can never eliminate guns.

Volstead Act: An idiot’s guide to bootlegging

With prohibition written into the constitution of the United States after a long battle from the staunch temperance unions, the Volstead Act