beautiful sleep sack, although in french

cozy bunting bag to protect baby from drafts. Made twists, flat ribs and rib Level of difficulty: Initiated Published in famili No.Pattern in French. Or maybe make this from an old scarf? I wish I could knit.

DIY Co-sleeper made from a $69.99 IKEA crib! I actually really like this one and it would last a LOT longer than those teeny tiny ones they make for newborns. Plus it gives the child "their own bed" feel if you're having a rough night.

This is actually a good idea for co-sleeping! IKEA crib attached to the bed frame

Homemade Postpartum Relief Pads - I was very lucky last time, but this time could be different.

Not going to lie.these sound pretty heavenly for the next time. Homemade Postpartum Relief Pads Slather aloe vera gel over pad Apply witch hazel evenly Add a few drops of lavendar Wrap up in foil and store in freezer

Expectant "Mummy" Halloween Costume

The best roundup of Halloween costumes for pregnancy. Over 60 ideas for maternity Halloween costumes. Save this for when you're pregnant!