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Ambiente preparado 12-15 meses - Prepared environment 12 -15 mo • Montessori en Casa

Toys, materials, shelves and rotation at 17 months

Teach Montessori at Home, Montessori Homeschool Program Set-up

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Montessori at Ikea (how we montessori)

A week or so before Christmas we visited Ikea. For the first time - ever. While being overwhelmed in so many ways I loved looking at all of their items which would be useful for a Montessori home. Obv

Montessori at Ikea (how we montessori)

Baskets and trays for Montessori at home. So geeky and I already have a huge stash of baskets buuuuut I might need to place some orders after seeing this post!

Baskets and Trays for your Montessori Shelves