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Niculescu Mirela
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dottodot_tattoo_01.jpg (468×300)

connect the dots tattoo // an interesting idea. don't much care for this giraffe, but it could be a cool way to something personally significant that just looks like abstract dots and numbers most of the time.

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There are 3 styles of tree tattoos that are timeless and can connect anyone to the earth, their spirit and family through depiction of their branches. Consider a tree of life tattoo, a celtic design or a cherry blossom branch for tree tattoo inspiration.

melissa-fusco-tattoo-in-progress-peacock-web.jpg (800×600)

melissa-fusco-tattoo-in-progress-peacock-web.jpg (800×600)

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I've wanted a peacock feather tattoo for a long time. A delicate whimiscal feather around my ankle in teal turquoise shades. but Peacock feather tattoos are everywhere these days ankle = ouch

The definition of a meaningful tattoo - Imgur

Awe :,( it's so sweet The man'a kid had cancer and died and he made his sons drawing a tattoo

2010 Tattoos by Chris Lennox

Chris 'Crispy' Lennox LOVE the color concept . have whole mermaid scene in blues/greens complement in orange as necessary

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Geisha is an age old art which is now gaining popularity in tattoos. Geishas, the Japanese entertainers can be depicted in form of geisha tattoos.