J'ai appris par un ami à moi qui est mannequin bien connu. Elle m'a dit de mélanger le jus de citron et le blanc d'oeuf ensemble et le mettre sur mon visage comme un masque. Laissez sécher puis rincez à l'eau tiède. J'ai fait ce dimanche toute, après avoir fait cela ma peau était moins grasse, Les évasions est devenu inexistant et toutes les cicatrices d'acné ont disparu.

A fashion model recommends: Mix lemon juice and egg white together and put it on your face as a mask. Let it dry and then rinse it off with warm water.ONCE A WEEK. You skin will become less oily, the breakouts will disappear and acne scars will vanish.

eyebrows 101. Do not underestimate the brow. A good brow can completely open up your face. Even if they are blond they need to be shaped.

Brows most important part of eye make up.your brows frame your eyes. Bad brows could ruin the best make up application.

Your kitchen is literally a gold mine full of natural hair ingredients that work wonders on your transitioning hair. Discover 20 of them and even get a few hair recipes! Pin and read now or pin and read later.

20 Household Ingredients That Work Wonders On Your Transitioning Hair

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