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Terrible yet hilarious.


Yeah Retail Robin

retail robin | Hope Is Key: More Retail Robin

"Your card was declined"... "Impossible!" Yes I'm lying. Let me swipe it again. Oh still declined. | Retail Robin

customer gets out a pen to write a check i die a little insi - retail robin

Retail Robin - wear a nametag customer makes point of saying your name twelve times in one transaction

Retail Robin - lights on, customer asks if i am open lights off, customer just starts putting his things up




We all did our waiting…


Yay... another selfie

I deliberately alter my standard of customer service according to how polite the customer is.

I hate when they talk to me when I'm clearly trying to enjoy 30 mins of freedom

Retail Robin - bags groceries customer immediately re-bags them

Retail Robin. It's okay if your card gets declined because that's always embarrassing. But if you just decided along the way that you didn't WANT them... ugggghhhhhh.

Haha! retail robin :) can I pin this on my register?

and so I learned this the hard way. Should've listened to all those people that told me they had a bad feeling about her and they didn't like her. They only tolerated her because of me. Be careful who u choose as friends.


I am thankful for all those difficult people... So true!


Jennifer Lawrence