Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Most of my friends have moved beyond children and are now obsessed with their pets.
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Doggie Language-Let's lobby to have this made into a poster!

Doggie Language Dog-behavior illustrator (and Boston Terrier lover)Lili Chin produced this wonderful explanation of her dog’s body language.

Pug Christmas Gift Wrap and Tags. £5.00, via Etsy.

Who wouldn't love this wrapping paper covered in Christmas pugs and kisses!

DRYPET... The Best Pet Towel EVER!!!

Buy Microfiber based and super absorbent Dog drying towels online from the Drypet online store.

Tagg GPS Tracker

Pet tracker helps locate lost pets and monitor daily activity.

$6.00 Dog Breeds of the World playing cards. Nah. I wasn't looking at your hand. Just wanted to see which breeds you had.

Dog Breeds Playing Cards

Give it a new leash on life with this fetching deck of 52 different dog breeds! Half breeds, pure breeds and humans will love these museum-quality cards.

Thundershirt helping Texas dogs #Examinercom

Best investment I have ever made! Helps with noise anxiety, barking problems, eliminating indoors, pulling, separation anxiety and much more!

Always a winner-blame the dog.

Mirth in a Box tests a variety of different fake dog poops and decides that the Doggonit, the classic dog deuce from SS Adams took the cake.

Click & Stay leash red w/ black paws  4 ft. Length $8.00

Carry All is the home of an innovative pet stroller and the Click & Stay Leash! Check out our site for great deals on custom leashes with your own images on them!

Ahhhh! $12.00

Dog Lovers Magnets Not for the cat lover!