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Очаровашки в чашках / Декор / Архимир

Cute mini bowls and classic mugs are unexpected ways to show off your succulents—and add a fresh, spring vibe to any room. Use them as a dinner party centerpiece, place them on a window sill, the options are endless.

How to make a "floating" tea cup pouring flowers onto a saucer.

'GoPHeR GoLF' ⛳️   TEaCuP Diorama  ____byLoveHarriet @ www.lilyanddot.com.au

Golf Bags for Beginner Golfers

tea cup & saucer miniature house :)

Teacup and saucer miniature Christmas house

'GaRDeN HaRVeST'  TEaCuP Diorama  ____byLoveHarriet @ www.lilyanddot.com.au

'GaRDeN HaRVeST' TEaCuP Diorama ____byLoveHarriet @ www.lilyanddot.com.au

'DiNiNG iN PaRiS'  TEaCuP Diorama  ________byLoveHarriet @ www.lilyanddot.com.au

J& in the spring time. Any time, for that matter. Bring Paris to your home year-round via this miniature al fresco scene in a teacup by Hobart maker Love Harriet. Love Harriet presents a miniature world in a teacup – a unique gift for a unique occasion.


* by Effner


Turn into earrings and add drop beads at ends.



White DRIFTWOOD Mobile Windchime Suncatcher by MermaidsMasterpiece, $45.00

White Driftwood Mobile Windchime Suncatcher by MermaidsMasterpiece.