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Looking cool.. Cherie skinny pants with sizes up to 8XL!

@nadiakamira is donning our latest one piece kurung dress. Looking stunning in the busy city. We totally in love with it..

Lisa Long Lace Top by @cerraazizi donning the dusty pink Lisa in her wedding marathon in the weekend.

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Sofea Lace Jubah by @nwl278 available from 2XL to 7XL. It's one of the Mis Claire Raya Collection 2016

@douxsarah has got something to say about our Elainie Kebaya / Kimono Outerwear!Available in plus size. 2XL to 6XL

Sofea Jubah, one of the Raya collection for 2016~

Cool stuff by @douxsarah, donning our studded denim jacket

So curvy, so lovely..thx Vivian for the awesome pic

Nadia is wearing Norlia kebaya set during friend's wedding. Gorgeous!

Do you actually notice a preggy? Faridah is on her 7months pregnancy wearing our Jesmine lace, Raya collection 2015