Vintage motel sign in Mesa, AZ. I loved driving past this sign at night because of the succession of the girl diving into the "water"

man I just finished reading "Water for Elephants" and now. I'm in love with these old circus prints.

tambourine-girl: fornasetti

Engraving of Lina Cavalieri used by Piero Fornasetti in many of his mid century Italian creations. Natalina "Lina" Cavalieri in 1909 Born 25 December 1874 Viterbo, Italy Died 8 February 1944 Firenze, Italy Occupation opera singer, actress, monologist

Lina Cavalieri (1874 — 1944) was an Italian operatic soprano and diseuse known for her grace and beauty (

Natalina Lina Cavalieri 25 December 1874 7 February 1944 was an Italian opera soprano singer actress and monologist Lina Cavalieri was born on Christ