When you are dead

"When you are dead, you don't know that you're dead. It is difficult only for the others.It is the same when You are Stupid. You Know Who You Are!

You win !

Help Thyself _ find humor in difficult=victory _ "Every time you are able to find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.


'Girls: "I like to hang out with guys 'cause there is no drama." Me: "I like to hang out by myself because there is NO drama & I don't have to wear pants."' YUP das me


I'm not anti-social. I'm selectively social. VERY selective.

Been there...done that...

That's NOT NOT funny! It happens almost every night to me. Stop laughing! It is not funny!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: my soul was removed to make room for all this sarcasm

Curly Hair Problems

The struggles of CURLY hair (28 photos)

My friends with smooth thick hair be like the girl in the first pics. I'm coloured and when my hair's not blown straight, I be like the girl in the last pic

I may resemble this

Funny Friendship Ecard: Giving your friend 'the look' when someone is being annoying as hell. So true Tylar !

ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ: @sadbutrad116

This is so accurate it hurts. Especially the puns, free baked goods, and saying a ridiculous amount of self depreciating things.

so true!

I have naturally curly hair and I have this problem. If you have straight hair your lucky. It's easier to do things with your hair


Martha Stewart would choke on her craft supplies if she saw how I wad up a fitted sheet. That's exactly how I fold my fitted sheets up. I figure the wrinkles will disappera once I make the bed (~_~)