Billie Burke, aka Glinda the Good Witch.

American actress, Billie Burke (she played Glinda the Good Witch in the "Wizard of Oz"). She was fortunate to have a lot of hair for this Gibson girl hairstyle.

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hula hoop dress - Google Search

A hottie hooper from way back in the day, before Hula Hoops were being mass produced. I wonder if she was a hoop performer or if the hoop was just a prop.


Circus equestrienne - amazing riding, pity she couldn't hang on by something other than the poor horses mouth though

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Images / art to decorate my studio Isis' Wardrobe: Victorian circus inspiration

English ironwork of the XVIIth & XVIIIth centur...

English ironwork of the XVIIth & XVIIIth centuries; an historical & analytical account of the development of exterior smithcraft

Vintage circus inspiration

A collection of 25 unmounted rubber stamps with a vintage circus theme. Rubber stamps are traditional red rubber and are sold rubber only - no

Vintage Postcard, author unknown, photo via clav

A group of magicians operate this carnival. The illusions. Are not illusions at all.