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Alison Hayes
Alison Hayes
Alison Hayes

Alison Hayes

sweetest thing i've read. Cue the water works.

Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.

To make a child feel worse, less than or unworthy is The Biggest NO NO in my world... Talk to them *not yell/scream* Explain to them so that they understand... Every Child is Different, I wish more people took this for Face Value.... Please Do Not Demean Our Kids!!


One of the truest truths- nothing like that of a parents love for their child

You and your baby will sleep better if you use these helpful tips on sleep training your baby!

I'd rather stay quiet than explain my problems to people who don't care.

How true is this... I hate the I'm an adult u have to respect me... no if you're an asshole then you're an asshole and my kid doesn't have to put up with you

Ownnnn... Bandana amarrada no pescoço (essa é bandana mesmo, mas dá para imitar o look com aqueles babadores-bandana) e uma calça pescador transformam nosso menininho em alguém muito fashion! Amei!

And at times you may feel the connection but the other person may not, a mutual connection feeling only happens a few times I believe in life. Enjoy it if you're lucky enough to experience it ..

"Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched." -- Mindy Kaling

I want all of these for carter! skinny sweats -- baby/toddler sweatpants on Etsy. These are the CUTEST little baby sweats :)

Seriously! Don't underestimate the awesomeness of alone time!!!

The only people who don't recognize the undeniable truth of this are the liars and the cheaters...

Lots of people like to judge when they need to keep quiet because they don't know, they just don't know!

I totally forgot about these until I was home for a visit and my friend made me some, never realised they weren't popular everywhere, way better than rice crispie treats!

6 month baby picture ideas | six month old loves their reflections. What better way to capture ...

Very true! Loyal...but needing space is a neccesity for anything to work.