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Made me tear up a bit :) After reading through all of these, I kept saying "yep. He does that. Oh and yes, he does that too!"

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Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson So with my new typewriter I have been experimenting with just putting a piece of paper in and writing a poem as fast as I can. The nature of the medium is that I cannot correct anything, go back and change...

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Words of Affirmation Every Relationship Needs to Hear

I think you should say most of these to your boyfriend/girlfriend too (minus the ones about being married ) but any form of relationship you should praise the person and try and make their day better, just makes life easier if every one in yours is happy.

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You can forgive someone almost anything. but you cannot tolerate everything... we don't have to t... #49847

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Grayish Blue White Floral Duvet Cover

Too long have we been told by the media that our bodies are not right, they aren't beautiful and they aren't aesthetically pleasing, this is a big middle finger to body shame. Please Note: Pictures...