YUP...I always say that when I say something outrageous and everyone laughs that I am laughing too because it's the first time I heard it too.

I'll remember it...

Probably not the biggest lie I tell myself but it's waaaaay up there... Along with hambugers are healthy 'cause they have lettuce and tomatoes on them and "I'm fine" even though I'm not but I'm too darn tired to explain it to anyone as to why I'm not ;-S


Sometimes? ALL the time! wy do you think i like taking the bus

haha so true

haha so true


Yeah, the imaginary break pedal in Jordan's car is gone now... I wore that sucker out. haha

Um...I'm really doing this right now! I'm back on the post-baby fitness wagon as of next week, and it would be such a waste to throw out all this junk food. Perfectly reasonable!