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Your Guide to Packing and Shipping.

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Christmas 2018 Shipping Deadlines

You made sure to complete your 2018 holiday shopping early to make sure no one's going to be empty handed come Christmas day. To help you make sure that you send out presents on time, we list down the USPS, FedEx, and UPS cut-off dates that must be met for shipments to arrive on or before December 2

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Tips for Packing and Shipping an Oversized Package

Shipping an oversized item is not the same as shipping a standard package. The packaging method and packing materials that will be used must be taken into consideration.

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Important Considerations When Shipping Internationally

Before considering opening your online business to the international market, familiarize yourself with the important things every merchant should consider before committing to a global shipping model. We list down six factors that you should consider before embarking on your international expansion.

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Shipping Tips & Tricks for New Online Sellers

Shipping an item so that it arrives on time and in good condition at your buyer's doorstep is arguably the most crucial part of selling online. We list down some valuable shipping tips and tricks to help you ship items properly and ensure that they get delivered on time and in excellent condition.

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International Shipping: How to Ship to Canada

Shipping items abroad always comes with additional concerns, even if it is just across the border! Here are a few international packing and shipping tips to make shipping from the United States to our friendly neighbor in the north, Canada, a painless process.

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15 Bizarre Customs Regulations

Every country imposes its own customs regulations to protect its residents, economy, environment, etc. Restrictions on guns, flammable substances, and hazardous materials, are quite understandable. However, some countries' customs regulations will leave you scratching your head. Read on and see what

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Important Packaging Tips When Shipping Electronics

Electronics and gadgets are relatively fragile and often expensive, so it's important to understand how to safely pack and ship them. We list down the following tips to properly package electronics so you can prevent costly damages that can occur when shipping these devices.

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Guide on Packing and Shipping a Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are taking both youngsters and adults by storm. If you are planning to ship fidget spinners as a gift or to a buyer, here are some tips that you should follow to make sure that it arrives in excellent condition.

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How To Ship

Providing tips on packing and the best possible shipping method to get an item to its destination safely and cost-efficiently.

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Tips for Winter Weather Shipping

The busiest time of the year for shipping usually starts during winter, when significant volumes of shipments are expected pile up as people send out packages to loved ones for the holidays. This is also the time when inclement weather can cause delays and damage to shipments. By understanding your

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Shipping Company

Whether shipping personal effects to a loved one or an item to an online buyer, using a reliable shipping company is essential in ensuring that your package arrives in perfect condition and on time. Apart from reliability, there are several other factors to consider when choosing a courier service.

We list down four useful tips on packing items to help ensure a superior customer experience. Packing Tips, Paper Shopping Bag, Ecommerce, Helpful Hints, Ship, Customer Experience, Alcohol, Vehicles, Messages

4 Useful Tips for e-Commerce packing

If you are just starting an e-commerce business, your attention must have been focused on how your website looks and getting your branding right. However, it is still the customers' experience when they receive the item they have ordered that will decide whether your business is headed for success o

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Important Considerations When Shipping Succulents and Cacti

As of late, succulents and cacti have become all the rage among gardeners, collectors, and events stylists. Apart from being easy-to-take-care-and-propagate houseplants and interesting conversation pieces in the garden, succulents and cacti are fast becoming the decor of choice in events like weddin

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Important Guidelines When Shipping a Golf Cart

Golf carts are more than just vehicles for carrying golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course. Quiet to operate and with decent gas or electric mileage, golf carts are fast becoming the vehicle of choice in certain non-golf communities, especially in areas with sizeable senior populations. I

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Important Considerations When Shipping a Drone

Aerial photography using drones with cameras are currently exploding in popularity across the world whether for professional or recreational purposes. With these unmanned flying objects equipped with video cameras, one can capture sweeping overhead views without the need for massive cranes or actual

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International Shipping: Sending A Parcel To Japan

With a distance of over 6,000 miles, shipping an item from the United States to Japan seems daunting. Thanks to modern advancements, sending a parcel internationally is now fast and easy. However, it is still important to be familiar with international shipping best practices to ensure that a packag