Texas History - Four Regions Foldable: This foldable is a great representation of the four main regions that students could make in class or within groups. On the inside, students could list the facts or interesting things about each region.

I want to do this next year in my second grade class on Constitution Day :)

Constitution Day Lesson ~ Students write their own Constitution. Tie into Charlie Brown's The Birth of the Constitution, David Catrow's We The Kids, or Jean Fritz's Shh! We're Writing the Constitution.

Book: Me on the Map Standard: physical and political maps have distinctive characteristics and purposes.

Our Version of Me-On-The-Map

Me on the Map Project. Easy way to teach kids where they are from their house to their town to Planet Earth and beyond. I think this would be a great project for the kids.

Texas notebooking with a minibook pasted into a composition book - Can be modified for any state or country.

Chicken, Crayons, and Diapers: Interactive Notebooking TEXAS style (background knowledge)

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