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classroom set up with tables, chairs and desks for children to learn how to use
New Classroom Set Up: Encouraging Self-Directed Learning and Collaboration
Classroom Set Up - Encouraging Collaboration and Self-Directed Learning. This post if full of pictures and ideas. I love how there are so many different places for students to work, and everything is so inviting!
a piece of paper with writing on it that says what do you want kids to do with technology?
商品仕様 カーテン・ブラインド
9 Wrong And 8 Right Ways for Students to Use Technology - infographic via edudemic
a poster with the words, 21 ways to flip the classroom
Flipping The Classroom
Flipping the Classroom Ideas ... LOVE this compilation of ideas ... Students will too!
an info sheet with the words 21 things every 21st century teacher should do this year
Justin Tarte (@justintarte) on X
Great list of things teachers should do (or at least, think about!)
two men in orange vests are working on a house
Quality learning environments | / Technologies / enabling e-Learning - enabling eLearning
an empty room with tables and stools on the floor in front of a window
Modern Learning Environments - Russley School redevelopment
Modern Learning Environments - Russley School redevelopment
a flow diagram showing the steps to creating an instructional approach for teaching and learning students
Teacher Aide PLD Funding Returns for 2023
TTS article about what technology to use in MLEs
the front cover of school news magazine
School News article about MLEs
two children sitting on bean bag chairs reading books
Education Gazette | Education Gazette - Education in New Zealand
Education Gazette article on MLEs
a classroom with lots of chairs and desks in front of a flat screen tv
Enabling Teachers to Change Pedagogy through School Design
Freeman's Bay - Principal's blog about MLEs
a person standing in the middle of a circle with words surrounding it and an image of a
Modern Learning Environment
Mylearningdotme - Blog about MLEs
a screen shot of the beautiful learning spaces page on the webpage, with images of people and buildings
open learning spaces
Beautiful Learning Spaces Blog
two books sitting on top of each other with the title creating the future librarians
Services to Schools
National Library - MLEs