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two pictures one has a police box and the other is a cat house
Doctor Who Tardis Cat Fort - 3 Best Designs
#Tardis #Cat scratcher. #DoctorWho #DIY
a license plate that says doctor who cardis is a tardis
Love it! #DoctorWho #drwho #tardis
a black and white bag with a yellow smiley face on it
This item is unavailable - Etsy
I could see @Bonnie Burton sporting this Sherlock Holmes inspired bag... #Sherlock
a flow chart with the words and symbols in it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
many different pictures of people with hats and glasses on them, all in black and white
Tim Burton-esque's Doctor Who
a group of people on a red carpet with their arms in the air at an event
This is a thing that happened.
This is a thing that happened. | Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombed U2 On The Oscars Red Carpet #Oscars #Oscars2014 #photobomb #BenedictCumberbatch
a small doll with black hair wearing a gray coat and blue shirt is standing in front of a white backdrop
Sherlock Holmes B
So cute! #Sherlock doll. cc @Bonnie Burton
the cover to tim burton's doctor who
The Nightmare Before TARDIS of the Day
This is just fabulous.
a lego doctor who is standing in front of a white background with an orange light on it
Lego Dalek! Exterminate! #doctorwho #drwho #dalek #LEGOS
this is an image of a lego model of a river and trees in the water
Lord of the Rings - Lego Rivendell
#LOTR Rivendell in #LEGO
a man in a tuxedo standing with his hands on his hips and the words you must be at the lord because you have two hearts yours and mine
<3 #doctorwho #drwho #timelordvalentine #valentine #valentinesday
two legos are standing next to each other in front of a cityscape
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'Sherlock' Lego set: 221B Baker St. tribute in bricks #sherlock #BenedictCumberbatch
a man standing in front of an assortment of fruit and vegetables with sesame street characters
Benedict Cumberbatch is a star used to working with other stars, but even he was impressed by the cast of a new project. ... "I just met with the Muppets," Cumberbatch gleefully told Amanda Abbington, who plays the wife of Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman, her real-life partner). "Did you have a good time?" she asked. "It was so much fun," he said, adding, "They are real." They are, agreed a smiling Abbington.