Karen Langridge

Karen Langridge

UK / Sleep deprived mum of two boys :) Mummy blogger in an attempt to stop the dust bunnies taking over my brain!
Karen Langridge
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Keeping your polytunnel clean is essential for an ideal growing environment, whether you grow veg in your tunnel, fruit or prized blooms.

Are you worried when choosing Diaper for your baby? No worry, is the best choice of Baby Diapers to keep your baby’s little bottom healthy and soft.

I was excited to visit this windmill during our recent weekend break to Anglesey;

Afternoon Tea at Château Rhianfa

At the weekend we went to Weymouth for the very first time there was so much to see and do we tried to cram in as much as we could in a sho.

I have just signed up with Cadw membership, if you do it onsite its actually cheaper than online which is a decent saving and something.

Making the most of our newly acquired Cadw membership we decided to visit Caernarfon Castle, we have skirted around it before but never ac.

We have visited Paultons Park twice before when the boys were much younger, one of our visits was for the Magma VIP launch but naturally g.

During our stay at Weymouth we decided to visit the Portland Bill lighthouse, it was a short drive from our accommodation at Waterside Holi.