Matt Martin

Matt Martin

San Francisco, CA  ·  I work for Lucasfilm doing random stuff for and run a tiny record label called Missing Words. I enjoy long walks on the beach and zombies.
Matt Martin
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DIY AT-AT/Cable Box/Card Case

Geekcook DIY AT-AT/Cable Box/Card Case. The DIY Cable Organizer is constructed in likeness of the Star Wars AT-AT walker, It’s a clever solution to keeping cables and wire organized in the office or work area while retaining aesthetics.

These photos will never die. I'm okay with that.

By Andrew Liszewski If that Quick Reference apron wasn't geeky enough for you, I doubt you're going to find anything that tops these Darth Vader or Princess Leia aprons available…

Anyone know the artist on this one?

A recreation of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover a la Ghostbusters. Venkman with the cigarette and no shoes is perfect! Here's the original Abbey Road cover and a couple behind the scenes photos before the photo.

Haunted Mansion iphone case

Haunted Mansion iphone case I want this phone case soooo bad! Haunted mansion is my favorite ride at Disney!

The Zelda Project: Zoras River

Link looks out over the Zora's River, beyond where he stands lies the Zora Domain. Navi shouts into his ear, "Hey!" The Zelda Project is a Los Angeles, . The Zelda Project: Zoras River

It's dangerous to go alone...

I think it said they were legend of zelda swords so I just went w/ it