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Teri S
Teri S
Teri S

Teri S

Christian. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Auntie. Creative Person. Photographer. Traveler. Good Cook. Organizer. Horse Rider. Philanthropist. Nester.

Clara Bella is amazing!

How To Transfer An Image To A

TIP: No Space for a Garden? Try Kittens in Planters Everyone loves having fresh, naturally grown kittens on hand, but not everyone has space for a full garden or raised beds.  One way to grow cats when space is tight is container gardening. You can grow full-size, all natural kittens in your front porch, stoop or fire escape using large planters or pots.  Water regularly, sprinkle with plenty of tuna flakes, and in 6-8 weeks, you’ll have a fully grown cat. Via for_caer.

For my little bird!

Sorbie Castle in Scotland.

All it takes is one very cool grandpa to repurpose his old vespa into a rocking horse!

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Not a tattoo fan !!!

This is what I tell you all the time!

25 things moms need to do for their boys- this is precious...sniff, sniff ♥