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Good grief. Don't use contraception if you're in Arizona and want to keep your job.

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Congressional Birth Control Hearing Involves Exactly Zero People Who Have a Uterus

The headline on this says it all: Congressional birth control hearing involves exactly zero people who have a uterus

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Rush Limbaugh sends Nancy Pelosi to the barricades

Wow. Rush Limbaugh describes a college student as a slut and a prostitute because she wants contraception. Only in America, eh? Let's hope Nadine Dorries and her batshit ilk never get any more powerful here.

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Pure unadulterated wingnuttery. From Fox News. Apparently enlightenment and reason led to the Holocaust. Nice.

Christian coalition petitions to stop gay marriage law

In what parallel universe is it Christian to oppose loving people wanting to get married? Oh wait, it's *our* universe.

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(via @jessicavalenti) Brass Eye can only dream of making something like this. Tragically, it appears not to be a spoof.

"Hold an aspirin between your knees as a contraceptive." Nice one, Friess.