Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has many beautiful tourist destinations. TraveloBosnia and Herzegovina gives you brief information of popular tourist places. Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina and find out the best places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Krka National Park, Croatia

Are these the world's most beautiful waterfalls? Photographer captures stunning lagoons of Croatia national park

Our planet is a wonderful place and there are countless gems like the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, for us to appreciate and preserve. The Plitvice Lakes National Park was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in

Grand place, Brussels, Belgium

Top 20 Places I’d Love to Go: - Ok I don’t really want to go to Belgium. but i MUST witness this westeastsouthnorth: “ Flower Carpet, Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium (by gbatistini) ”

Banja Luka  Katedrala Sv. Bonaventure - Banja Luka by miki_ca, via Flickr

Banja Luka Katedrala Sv. Bonaventure - Banja Luka by miki_ca, via Flickr

Diocletian's Palace, Split, Croatia

In the Middle Ages the people moved into the abandoned Roman Emperor Dioclecian's palace. Today the enormous palace is the middle of the city and contains apartments, markets, hotels, and restaurants.

Pula, Croatia

Pula Airport Pula Airport is the alternative airport for parts of Slovenia and smaller parts in Italy. Start your trip with Car Hire in Pula Airport and explore Pula City just 6 km away by car.

Biograd na moru, Croatia

Biograd na Moru, formerly a royal Croatian town, is a famous tourist and nautical destination in the very centre of the Adriatic Riviera.

The Saint Michael cathedral, Brussels, Belgium

Check out the bottom right corner: public lounge furniture at the Saint Michael and Saint Goedele Cathedral in Brussels, Belgium.