Your first-ever DC Metro restaurant map

Art Nouveau - A Timeline of Events on Behance

Date: April University, Art MovementsThis university project asked us to work in group to explore our given art movement and to finally create an exhibition on the topic. Our exhibition consisted of artefacts, our art nouveau book, bookmar…

Eduard Punset, an expert on the influence and inspiration of infographics, maps and cartography, the atlas and the universe terrestrial took a chance in artistic creation and developed the graphic image of a possible 'universe of emotions', to see, not imagine, and visually relate to one another, the energy they emit.

Universo de emociones (universe of emotion) Like the idea of mixture with maps and colored overlapping circles as categories. Gorgeous layout, clear and structured visualization, amazing detail, mind-blowing information, just love it!

The Surprisingly Simple Logic Behind Japanese Sentence Structure

In this article, I break down Japanese sentence structure and show you exactly how Japanese sentences work. A solid understanding of this will save you a huge amount of time trying to make sense of Japanese grammar.

Infographic: The Business of Death

I never thought about how our worth may actually increase after we die-this is really fascinating reading, if a little distressing and kind of morbid.