Blue Great Dane.... would love to have a baby like this....

Beautiful photo of a Blue Great Dane. Great Danes are known to be "the gentle giants" of the dog world. These dogs are highly intelligent, loving, and can live up to 13 years. ~Me

Blue roan paint This horse is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen and if I saw this horse for sale some where I would have to buy it that second no matter how pour I was

Hi Tech Cowboy, Appaloosa Stallion

Reference Sire: Hi Tech Cowboy, Appaloosa Stallion at Stud in Delaware, Ohio - Appaloosa Horses for Sale, I tried to ride an Appaloosa bare back once.she stomped on my foot lol

The Exact Two Great Dane Pups I want! Their Names Would be Riot and Ramsay!!

Great Dane Pups

Great Dane Pups Digital Art by Maxine Bochnia - Great Dane Pups Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

A horse hug.  Never saw anything like that before.

Funny pictures about Horse Hugs Human. Oh, and cool pics about Horse Hugs Human. Also, Horse Hugs Human photos.

Fawn #Great #Dane

This is one BIG Dane. No wonder people call Great Danes a small pony. Classic Fawn with black mask.

Labrador Retriever

It truly is impossible to not love a lab. I never wanted a big dog, but now that weve had 2 labs for 8 years I know that this breed just lives to be your friend. They are meant to be part of the family.

Great Dane Thorvald Terra Alano, 19,5 months. 25.12.2012 - 2nd version

Great Dane Thorvald Terra Alano, he looks just like drummer my neighbors great dane hes been gone about 20 years i miss him they called him drummer because of the sound he made running on thier wood floor when he was a puppy

Great Dane | Great Dane Dog Breed Information

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Brindle Great Dane puppy

Brindle Great Dane puppy Reminds me of our Brandy girl. Lived to be 15 years old. I miss her so much