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2011 library books (littles)

2011 library books (littles)

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my girls didn't understand this book but i found it profoundly moving. and accurate. absolute must read.

Oliver Jeffers - Picture Books

ah! the books of my childhood...

i read this years and years ago. have never forgotten about it. which is saying something...

oh how my littles love curious george. do you think it is that there is a tv show? or do you think the books came first?

Curious George Feeds the Animals (8x8 with stickers)

i am so going to have to make a knuffle bunny.

teehee! rhino is silly!

i love how gerald is a quiet example of a wonderful friend.

Mo Willems | Barnes & Noble

the girls were very worried about the worm getting so smashed!! fun ending.

ah, the unexpected turn of events. terrific.

so. very. funny. the kids laughed out loud. a lot.

we loved this. good story. great ideas. and sweet sweet illustrations.

LOVE this! absolutely hilarious. a must have. must read.

torn on this one. story is fine. illustrations of people are fine. then the illustrations with the bunny? fabulous!

we love this series. the kids have their favorite lines to repeat. the consistency is very helpful for emerging readers.

another sweet book by the magnificent julie andrews and daughter. liked the first one more, but this one was good, too.

these are silly little tales that you can pretend to scare your children with, even though they are not scary at all. they will giggle at their own bravery!!

i like my entertainment to be without an agenda.

hmm. we just liked it. the piglets were too realistic thereby making them less adorable for littles.

sweet book. but not our style. illustrations were terrific.

how could i not love a book that ends with a scrapbook?? :)

i dare you to read this without singing...

i loved this book and its sweet tale. but i really, i mean really, wanted it to be printed in a different font. really.

i liked it. feel like the girls did not understand as much as if it were their culture, but opened a discussion about other languages, other traditions, other cultures. perfect.

i want all these creatures in stuffed lovable form.

i liked this. amazing illustrations.