Want it. Need it. Must have it.

Podillow - Face-Down Pillow - - The perfect sun tanning pillow and massage pillow Use in multiple positions, including facedown Internal pockets to hold your phone and keys Easy to clean Includes drawstring backpack

Too cute!

swimwear bikini pink cute strapless bikini bikini top rose cute summer pink swimwear beautiful pink exactly like this summer outfits bikini coral pink top baby pink strapless

This is brilliant! Summer beach party, here we come


This is brilliant! Summer beach party fire pit in style! When we have a fire on the beach, we need to do it right. We could get this done in no time if we all bring our snow shovels.

Mara Hoffmann teal bikini

love this bathing suit - mara hoffman teal feather beaded bikini


Handpainted Distressed Beach Decor Sign "You Can Shake The Sand From Your Shoes But It Will Never Leave Your Soul". Love this sign


barefoot is overdressed.I do hate shoes.I know women are suppose to love them but I don't.I'd rather be barefoot

gentle wind sun kissed skin warmer weather life gets better ocean underwater sea depth blue water fresh salt waves crashing white horses force power struggle tide coast guard roar shore la Mer breaking wave sea calling mermaid

Great new shape.  Ray Ban Meteors.

easily my favorite accessory, Ray Ban Meteor sunglasses. Tortoise shell with green lenses because I'm obviously obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany's.