Alaina Rhodes

Alaina Rhodes

Hey guys! I'm a fun loving and HGTV obsessed person :D Attending IUP for music ed.
Alaina Rhodes
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Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? The debate ends here. Stop thinking about what could have been. What might have been. Stop thinking about the glass as half empty. Because technically the glass is ALWAYS full.

That's why I always liked X and Storm the most haha

Elephant Robot: Marvel® Meets Myers-Briggs® - this one has the official MBTI stamp of approval! - no wonder I like Jean Grey so much!

I hope I end up with someone as funny as Robin Williams <3 someone that could make me laugh till my stomach hurts

your only given one spark of madness, don't lose it. One of my favorite People :) You will be missed Robin Williams God Bless You.

The Sixteen Types: ENFP - YouTube

The ENFP is one of the most exciting and sweet personalities on the entire planet. So you're not stranded in the wacky world of the ENFP (extroverted, intuitive, feeler, perceiver Myers Briggs type) -- I have this little.


"When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix, (probably inspired by similar quotes from Sri Chinmoy Ghose and Sri Chinmoy Ghose).

Hammock Tent oh my word

HANGING TENT = Tentsile combines the versatility and comfort of a hammock with usable space and security of a camping tent. Suspended tent will protect you from insects, snakes, bears and other dangerous predators. May be coolest thing ever!