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Wibley wobbly timey wimey!

Wibley wobbly timey wimey!

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Rory Williams... the man who waited.

David Tennant reciting Shakespeare's sonnets. I can't even....I need a moment

get in losers, we’re going time travelling


Kat McCarty

  • Kat McCarty
    Kat McCarty

    He wins!! I'm seduced!!! ♥

Wilf, don't you dare.

I don't care how many times I've seen this episode. I cry every time. One of my favorite scenes in possibly my very favorite episode.

"Matt Smith just likes kissing people."

"Anger is always the shortest distance to a mistake." Madame Vastra.

haha...oh yes indeed!!


"...did you wish reeeeeeeeeeally hard?"

You’d better get down here, sir.

Donna always makes me laugh.

Sweet Brown likes Doctor Who

doctor who


This is exactly what he did. To all of us.

Gingers Gonna Ginge. :)

Season 7 filming in New York Central Park

:'( River Song's Timeline - If you have any confusion about River's timeline this is the video to watch. Narrated by River herself. "We go way back, that man and me. Just not this far back." It's so much more sad to see it from her angle.

Me too! I have always wanted her back!

Because I'm clever!

This line makes me cry now. She seems so honored, so touched to meet her. I'd love to listen to the Doctor talk about Donna, his best friend, "I was gonna stay with her forever, you know. We would have traveled all of time and space. You would have loved her, she was never impressed that I was a Time Lord, she just loved to travel and meet people, she saved the world you know. Saved the universe, saved humanity. Special woman, Donna Noble."