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Call Santa Claus - Here's his Phone Number

If you want to have some fun with the kiddos, then you'll definitely want to call up good ol' Santa Claus.


This Incredible Pain Relief Method Is As Simple As Putting A Clothespin On Your Ear


10 Great Uses for Witch Hazel

Beauty is made up of quite a few different factors. How you look and how you act play a large part. It also includes how you treat people as well and having confidence. This article will help you improve your physical beauty and help you build up...


12 Tricks That Will Change The Way You Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide has many uses inside and outside of the house! Here are 12 of the best ways to get the most out of hydrogen peroxide.


Cutest pre-packaged gingerbread cookies for a christmas treat in the classroom!


Christmas shower curtains

Keep Your Home Bug Free with These DIY Pest Control Methods

Keep Your Home Bug Free with These DIY Pest Control Methods

DIY Pest Control: This infographic provides alternatives to convention pesticide use. This supports pollinators and biodiversity by choosing to use other methods and NOT poisoning the ecosystem with toxic chemicals.