Howard County Cat Club No-Kill Rescue

We're a unique no-kill cat rescue with a cage-free shelter. But, if you're in the Columbia, MD area, we really need your help. We recently lost our shelter, and…
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an orange and white cat wearing a graduation cap on its head, sitting in front of a white background
Are Cats Smart?
Five ways to find out if your cat's smart
a cat laying on top of a wooden table
Hemp Oil For Cats: An Imperfect Solution?
You've heard all the buzz about CBD, or hemp oil, for cats. But new research shows it might not be all that good for them.
a black cat laying down next to an alarm clock
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Are you thinking your cats know what time it is? They do! The sun, moon and their acute sense of smell are the next best thing to built-in watches.
a cat laying on top of a blue and white checkered bedspread next to a wall
Please help us find our new shelter so we can continue saving cats like Arturo and his brother, Gary.