Apple Pie via Dorian Nieto #recipe

Le nouveau 750g le mag' est arrivé ! Pascale, l'Angleterre, et plein d'autres choses… et un apple pie tout étoilé pour fêter ça…

All American apple pie with Stars instead of lattice work. Not much on a top crust apple pie but! How beautiful for the

rice crispy

Put rice krispy treats in a cupcake pan and top them with frosting! Rice Krispy treats have been a preggo craving.

My hubsy has requested this for his bday cake, I support this notion!

I have made this twice, it is a huge crowd pleaser.don't be intimidated by frozen bananas they are delicious in this banana split ice cream cake.

pear wafers by donna hay

Pear Wafers from Donna Hay - Place sugar on a plate and press the pear slices into it. Place the slices on baking trays lined with baking paper and bake for 15 minutes, turn and cook for a further 15 min.

Yum yum yum yum yum

A Little Know It All (Recipe: Epicurious Vodka and Watermelon Cooler

Fave Summer Drink: The Sundial from the Standard Hotel in NYC - it's lemonade, watermelon juice, vodka and a touch of seltzer. Couldn't find an exact recipe, but this is similar: Vodka and Watermelon Cooler Cocktail

{blueberry pancakes}

This is what I’d term the perfect weekend breakfast….or brunch for that matter. Fluffy pancakes with chockful of antixoidants that come in blue pallets. ME LIKEY.