Spade Chair / Aluminium

Faye Toogood / spade chair, aluminium - great lines, but I wouldn't want to have to sit on it

Faye Toogood : Assemblage 2

Element Table in Resin Clear crystal resin; x x Limited Edition of 10 + 1 AP. Cast in smoky solid resin, this piece replaces the brass, wood and stone elements used in the Assemblage 1 ‘Element’ table with pure volume and void.

Faye Toogood : Assemblage 3

Faye Toogood: E L E M E N T TA B L E / S T E E L Patinated Steel, Resin x x cm 142 kg Edition of 8 + 2 AP A welded-sheet-steel realisation of the Element Table, with a freefloating clear resin sphere.

Faye Toogood : Assemblage 3

Faye Toogood - Delicate Interference: Assemblage No

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