Mister Finch Textile Art

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an old fashioned stove with logs stacked in front of it and a clock on top
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two white mice dressed in fancy garb standing next to each other with bells on their feet
Fancy Rats by Mister Finch
two statues of mice dressed in costumes
Fancy rats by Mister Finch
an animal sculpture is shown with its head in the shape of two elephants'heads
Moody Moons By Mister Finch
a statue of a mouse wearing a crown and holding a bell on top of a block
Fancy rat by Mister finch
an animal that is laying on top of a piece of cloth with antlers sticking out of it
Two headed bird By Mister Finch
a stuffed animal laying on top of a black floor next to a white ball and some fur
Curled up textile rabbit by Mister Finch
three tarquinne cards sitting on top of each other in front of an artistic background
My new book is available now!
the front cover of an album featuring stars and blue fabric with words written on it
My new book cover!
Exciting day today...here's the cover to my new book! To celebrate the launch of my new book, Perilune, I will be in-conversation with writer, curator and digital consultant, Jane Audas on 3 October 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Follow the link for info https://bit.ly/2YI8gY0
a rabbit dressed up as a man with a hat and jacket on, walking in the rain
Textile Artist Who Lives In a Fairytale World
three different types of light bulbs on a black surface with one bulb turned upside down
Marvelings from new book Perilune.
an image of a book cover with the title written in green and surrounded by branches
Textile Artist Who Lives In a Fairytale World
an origami star is hanging on the wall with its hands in front of it
Textile Artist Who Lives In a Fairytale World
a rubber stamp with the word jeruvine on it and two hands reaching out
Textile Artist Who Lives In a Fairytale World