Newsletter Template - a weekly or monthly newsletter cool idea gives the parents an idea of what there kids do in school

Keep Calm and Teach On.: Break?? What Break?

RtI Data Binder And Graphs$- document student progress while students track their own success

Conversations in Literacy: RtI- Document & Track Progress

Team building exercises for the first week

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First Week of School Teacher Survival Kit Gift FREE PRINTABLE ~ Energy (caffeine) + Sanity (chocolate) + Antibacterial Hand Gel |

First Week of School Teacher Survival Kit Gift ~ FREE PRINTABLE!

Thoughts for any fellow Christian teachers out there... | Teach 4 the Heart

How to Share Your Faith in the Public School

A Rainbow of me...FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

A Rainbow of Me St. Patrick's Day Craft

meet the teacher idea

Sliding Into Second Grade: Monday Made It

Pandora in the Classroom

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

This is a FREE "cheat sheet" to help all K-5 teachers remember what to do before/during/after reading in a Guided Reading lesson.

Guided Reading Guide for Grades K-5 Cheat Sheet

Loads of Meet the Teacher/Open house ideas here

One Extra Degree: Catching Up With FREEBIES!

First Week of School Activities

Teaching With Love and Laughter: First Week of School Activities

LOVE! I need to remind myself of this! Back to school prayer...perfect to hang near my desk as a reminder!

Teaching Blog Addict: Prayer for the First Day of School

favorite chapter book series for children in 1st and second grade

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Love this sign! And there is a wonderful blog post, too

The Littlest Scholars: A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue

Classroom Management: Bathroom Signs

Teachers Notebook

Reminder posters on what to do when students are done with task, so they stay busy and do not disrupt class if they finish early. Great for younger grades that need reminders.

Lanier's Lions: Classroom Management on Pinterest

Brain Breaks for the Classroom from 3rd Grade Thoughts - A great way to transition between activities or pause during long seat work activities...Hand washing, air band, pushups, jumping jacks, tree pose, etc...

Cha Cha Slide Easy To Dance Steps for brain breaks!

student locations..will implement with my class theme! thanks michelle!

tattling to the teacher

FREE At-Home Notes for extra help with Patterning

A Little Extra Help, Please! {Patterning Freebie}

What if? To start the year to introduce how to be self managers when the teacher is working with small groups.

Follow Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies

If you have a Smart board, you need this resource. Super cool! And lots of topics! I am using it tomorrow for science and math!

Kids Rock!: Study Jams

"Meet the Teacher" Ideas: 1) sign in with info, 2) Take Folder with child's info papers, 3) take label with child's name and stick to how they get home chart and 4) volunteer online form AND sheet if want to volunteer in classroom

Peace, Love, and First Grade: Meet the Teacher

2nd Grade Data Folder and Checklist~ Aligned with Common Core! FREEBIES in the Download preview! :o) I have data folders and checklist for K and 1st also!

2nd Grade Data Folder and Checklist~ Aligned with Common Core!

I Can Read it and Match it! Simple sentences with sight words and word families!

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Spaced Theme Classroom Packet

Spaced Theme Classroom Packet