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This comes from JCLU Forever website but I cannot find the exact link for it. I saw it on FB and thought it was marvelous but I couldn't find it on the JCLU site.

In a split second with one touch of God's favor everything can change. Put your faith out there and remind yourself that God wants to restore good things back to you ‪

I think I might get this tattooed

Even if you've fallen seven times, God will help you get back on your feet! No one is too far gone, too messed up, out of second chances, or chalked up as a loss with God! I would love to have this verse as a tattoo.

To The Girl Whose Ex Moved On. Read part 2 to learn how to deal with the struggles you have when your ex moves on. Here is my outcome.

Galatians Planning for Let's start with 31 daily prayers for the future. Read day 22 of the month long prayer challenge.

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Whether you’re experiencing an episode of depression in this season or it has been an ongoing battle, here are 11 quotes to encourage your spirit.

Beyond your reading level

Quote: "Don't expect her to paraphrase her life for you; she was born to be a story. And if you can't understand that, then perhaps she's beyond your reading level.