Grinch Kabobs Recipe. I saw these sitting in my children's school office, waiting to be delivered to some lucky classroom. So cute!

Grinch Kabobs Recipe

Grinch Kabobs Recipe ~ for a Christmas Party Idea ~ Chew ups Treats, until all Gone ! ~ *Grinch that stole Christmas.

Grinch Crinkle Cookie Recipe

Grinch Crinkle Cookie

Grinch Crinkle Cookie Recipe *(made these for xmas and they are quick and easy and everyone liked them. I also made a red velvet cake version and a lemon cake version)* mcbd

Kindergarten class snack- My take on Grinch Kabobs. ItsAllAboutAmy

Ok lets male these for grown up Christmas partys. Sub the grapes for Olives, add a piece of cheese for the banana. And add some Cold Beer! Grown UP Party Finger food, Grinch, Cold Beer