Misty Tierce

Misty Tierce

Mom to Gavin and Olivia :) 3rd Grade Teacher
Misty Tierce
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last day of school ice cream party

Ice Cream parties is the best theme for any child's birthday. Just imagine an Ice Cream Parlor, Ice Cream and all the Ice cream toppings.

nothin' better than the watching the Brady Bunch right after school at 3:30

"Here's a story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. What's NOT to love about The Brady Bunch? Growing up it was must-watch-telly for Gen X Aussie kids.

Real Object and Pictorial Graphs

Here are a few more things we did with graphs this week. We used balls (my p. teacher bagged up a bunch of different ones for me) to create a real object graph. Then we moved the real objects to a p