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    Hello; Welcome to my boards. I hope you enjoy what's here as much as I do. Feel free to also visit me on Facebook and Linked In; Enjoy yourself. Mitch

    Well, this is different. NASA just saw something come out of a black hole for the first time ever | Blastr

    An incendiary propaganda document replete with blatant lies and utter distortions of history penned by Saeb Erekat, recently sent to foreign media, exposes the futility of the Palestinian mindset, and reveals just how far the Palestinian leadership is from accepting the premises necessary for true peace with Israel.

    Russian Defense Ministry insists Su-24 fighter jet never crossed into Turkish airspace, but Turks say it did, and was warned repeatedly to leave

    One Of The Most Amazing Biblical Discoveries In Israel - Israel Video Network

    Police say a mosque in Peterborough, Ontario was deliberately set ablaze, but they are still looking into the motive and searching for suspects.

    The Hebrew University conference on the law of armed conflict was organized by the university’s Minerva Center and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within by Bruce Bawer

    Music venue Bataclan was among four venues targeted during coordinated terrorist attack.

    12 Western Countries That Will Be Islamic Republics In The Next 20 Years: France (1 of 12)

    Jews and Arabs in Jaffa: Would you do a Sulha? - YouTube

    A little street party on rainy Jaffa street, Jerusalem Israel - YouTube

    The Eastern Gate The common belief is that this gate will miraculously open so that Messiah can enter the city thought the Eastern Gate. Location: Jerusalem, Israel

    The synagogue, dated to the 2nd Temple period (50BC - 100AD) is one of the oldest ever found, and was unearthed at Migdal, which Christians believe to be the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, a leading follower of Jesus. Archaeologists were particularly excited by the discovery of the stone depicting the menorah -- a seven-branched candelabrum -- from the Jewish Second Temple which was destroyed in 70 AD during the Roman siege of Jerusalem.

    CCTV: Moment Palestinian woman attempts to stab Israeli security guard - YouTube

    Israels Prophesied Victory over the Palestinians Trailer - YouTube

    The Reality of Hebron -- Israel Video Productions

    A flavorful orange-jicama salsa makes the perfect accompaniment to this spicy-sweet Healthy Living roasted chicken recipe.

    David Wilcock – The Solar System Is Moving Into A New Area Of Vibration

    Cilantro Lime Quinoa - A tasty new spin on quinoa recipes, this is the perfect healthy side dish for your favorite Mexican meal as an alternative to rice.

    Balsamic vinegar, with its hallmark dark color, syrupy body, and slight sweetness, brings a wonderful out-of-the-ordinary touch to any recipe./

    Sticky Cinnamon Roll Batter Oatmeal- Healthy yet this tasting EXACTLY like cinnamon roll batter!- Perfect hot or cold- Sugar free and protein packed option! {gluten free + vegan}

    Intel's acquisition of yet another AI company shows how the chipmaker is seeking to bake AI into its products.

    Potato Vegetable Pancakes

    High-Protein Spaghetti with Chickpeas and Roasted Cauliflower | Rachael Ray Show

    Roasted acorn squash with chile-lime vinaigrette.

    Michael Fiore, Vickie Deel and Mitch Abrams, members of the Brevard Theatrical Ensemble, inside the historic Porcher House.