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Photo Inspiration

Get inspiration and tips on capturing great photos for your future Mixbook projects!

Photo Inspiration

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Travel Photo Ideas - Tips on how to plan ahead and create an awesome vacation and travel photo book

Learn about the Rule of Thirds and how to apply it to your photography!

Photography Tip: The Rule of Thirds

Halloween photo opportunities you just can't miss!

Photography Tip: Can't Miss Halloween Photos

7 tips for taking good Halloween photos of the kids on

7 Tips For Taking Good Halloween Photos of the Kids

5 Tips for a Home Calendar Photo Shoot

5 Tips for Planning a Great Calendar Photo Shoot!

Adjust your camera's shutter speed to play with movement in your photo.

Photography Tip: Playing with Shutter Speed


Christmas lights and an empty frame make a great holiday card shot!

[thephotoriot] | Facebook

Use Christmas lights as your light source

Photos from posts

Baby's first sink bath

{johnson journal}: kate - march 4

Chalkboard Captions

A quick photography tip to help create more interesting photos.

Photography Tip: Photos from Different Perspectives

6 tips on how to stitch together photos to make great panoramics!

5 Photostitching Tips to Create Beautiful Photos

Learn great photography posing tips from Jean Smith Photography {via}

12 Common Photography Posing Mistakes and Fixes |

Pre-made backdrops | Photo by Jan Von Holleben

15 Amazing Photos of Kids to Inspire Your Creativity
  • Melissa Thompson
    Melissa Thompson

    Krysta Dey how about this for a FUN photo shoot!!??

Indoor surfing, by Tim MacPherson

15 Amazing Photos of Kids to Inspire Your Creativity

First Day of School Interests

pouty lips and peach trees

5 Can’t-Miss Easter Photos You’ll Want to Snap

5 Can't-Miss Easter Photos You'll Want to Snap
  • Lisa Roth
    Lisa Roth

    no offense but do people really need to be told to take those pics?

  • Mixbook

    We're so busy and running so fast that we think it can't hurt to have a reminder! Can you believe Easter is this weekend?!

  • Lisa Roth
    Lisa Roth

    I guess bieng a family photographer I forget that not everyone else is=)

future ballerina

Birthday Party Invitation

Clark Kent/Superman costume

Group photo posing cheat sheet

7 Summer Photography Tips You’ll Want to Try This Weekend

7 Tips to Help You Capture the Fireworks in the Sky!

7 Tips to Help You Capture the Fireworks in the Sky!